Sunday, June 19, 2016

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-12 Replied Selector

Booster pack x 20 (1 box) of WX-12, Replied Selector + 1 extra booster
Oh, and since there is little point in listing the commons, I'll only mention the Parallel, Super Rare, Secret Rare, Lrig Rare cards I got. Also, other notable points if they occur.

Friday, June 10, 2016

WIXOSS: Piruluk Collage

Just a collage of most of Piruluk's appearances in the Peeping Analyze manga for WIXOSS. The reason for most is because I skipped some scenes where her expression wasn't particularly noticeable. In other words, a collection of her facial expressions.
Despite being an "emotionless" character in the anime (and disappearing fairly quickly, never to reappear again until the epilogue), she shows quite a lot of emotions in the manga (and plenty of facial distortions).
BTW, it's a good manga, so read it.
Also, manga-ka is Suzuki Manatsu.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-05 Beginning Select

For those that don't know, there was an anime called Selector () WIXOSS that aired for two seasons a while back. It was pretty fun to watch, though some settings weren't so solid. I also read the manga (Peeping Analyze), and it was great read. So I heard that they were making a 3rd season! Which excited me, so I thought about starting to collect WIXOSS cards. It's been so many years since I collected cards, when I gave up Yugioh around the time GX started.

The only unfortunate thing is that the game is Japanese-only (and some other countries) and not localized for America, so I have no one to play with. I'm like Mayu, just playing against myself in my room. HA HA HA ha... hah...

But anyways, here are my results from the box (20 boosters) I bought for Beginning Select.
Oh, and I hear you usually get one LR (Lrig Rare) rarity card per box, but I got NONE.